The Psychic Derailleur

We are excited to bring on our newest bike shop carrying Heavyweight Green Grips - The Psychic Derailleur! They are fully stocked with multiple colors of Heavyweight Green Grips on both their website and in store. View Heavyweight Green Grips on their website.

Location: 1125 W 16th St. Indianapolis IN 46202 | Website:


About The Psychic Derailleur

For a decade now I’ve believed that a great percentage of the buying public have been under served by a business model that corrals customers into two groups.  Group one gets a $500 (+/-) bike that while functional, doesn’t exactly inspire one to make the bike a larger part of your life.  Group two gets the much more expensive bike that not only “requires” extra gear, but isn’t always that fun to ride (not for very long anyway).  These are my opinions, and of course there are always exceptions.  If you’re one of those, that’s great!  Keep on riding.

What I aim to do is provide an alternative.  Beautifully functional bikes sold in a one on one atmosphere.  Bikes that allow you to ride varied surfaces.  Bikes with higher handlebar positions, and tires wide enough to make riding a joy.  Those bikes exist, and they’re terrific.

Chris Wiggins, Owner at The Psychic Derailleur

Maine Bike Works

We are excited to bring on our newest bike shop carrying Green Grips – Maine Bike Works. They are fully stocked with all colors to personalize your ride for custom builds!

Location885 Portland Road, Saco, Maine | Website:

gg_small2 gg_small

About Maine Bike Works

Maine Bike Works is a relaxed, attitude-free bike shop serving southern maine. Maine Bike Works is a small by choice, owner run shop hoping to help you have as much fun with bikes as we do. It’s our aim to become the area’s touring, gravel and bikepacking adventure specialist while continuing to offer the custom builds and fair bicycle repair services our reputation was built on. We also offer collaborative builds from the frame up, teach repair classes and offer bench/tool hire to those wanting to become one with their own bikes. Conveniently located in saco, maine on u.s. route 1 (885 portland road) across from Frank Galos Chevrolet on the auto mile. Only minutes from 95, old orchard beach, scarborough, and downtown saco. If you need a repair done fast for a fair price, there is no better place to bring your bike.

Important Update to our Customers for Ordering on

Changes in how you order through Green Grips

We started this business nearly 10 years ago in June 2008, and we never thought the Green Grips brand would grow the way it did from a small idea to an actual product that our customers enjoyed. This wouldn’t have been possible without you supporting us.

With that said, we would like to let you know that effective immediately, you will no longer be able to order on For our existing customers, we are giving you two options to order through us directly in good faith:

Send us a Paypal Invoice or Check/Cash

Moving forward, we will accept payments in good faith, meaning that as a valued customer, you can determine what you should pay for your next order.

Simply send us a Paypal money transfer to

Or mail us a check/cash to:

Attn: Green Grips
242 S. Hartwell Ave
Waukesha WI, 53186

*If your good faith payment does not meet our expectations, we will work with you to finalize order details prior to shipment.

We recommend checking your previous order invoice from us to get an estimate for what you should pay in good faith. We have also left pricing details in the description of the product for your reference.

Recommend us to your local Bike Shop

Lastly, if these options of Payment don’t work for you, we ask you to recommend Green Grips to be stocked at your favorite local bicycle shop. Manufacturing our Green Grips tapes and selling directly to bicycle shops is the best way for us to sustain our business into the future. As the list of bike shops grow, we will plan to build a dealer locator on our website, so you can find the closest shop that stocks our tape.

Best regards,

Derek, Kelley, Todd & Jenny

Why Cloth Handlebar Tape?

Touchpoints (Definition: any point of contact between a buyer and a seller) are under rated. Most bikes roll out of a shop with tape that at best will last a year, feels like a trip to the gym, and looks rough after a few rides.

“Cloth bar tape has always been different: it lasts longer, looks nicer, feels better and in the case of Green Grips cloth tape, it wraps better.”

Green Grips Differentiates

Most cloth tapes (all of them, actually, except Green Grips) use a wide, super tacky adhesive on the back of the tape. The Green Grips adhesive is narrow, less tacky, and easier to get a perfect wrap with. The tape is softer and more flexible too, also making wrapping easier.

At Gravel & Grind, we often put gel under the tape to provide a classic look with a bit of cushion. It’s not squishy, and it doesn’t look all bulky, it looks fine and feels great. We then finish the tape with a twine whip. We then either leave the tape raw (the colors are great, and fade nicely, as all natural things do, when exposed to sunlight) or cover it in two coats of shellac. That still leaves a bit of texture while helping protect the tape from dirt and scuffs.


“The yellow tape, for the record, turns a gorgeous gold color with two coats of amber shellac.” -James Johnson, Gravel & Grind Owner

Why You Should Stock Your Shop with Green Grips

When we first started selling Green Grips, I thought we’d only sell a few colors, but I ordered all of them in. We actually end up selling all of the colors pretty much equally, except yellow, brown, grey and black, which we sell 2:1 over the other colors. Turn over is good, especially for an esoteric product, so that’s always rad.

The yellow tape, for the record, turns a gorgeous gold color with two coats of amber shellac.

-James Johnson, Co-Founder & Owner of Gravel & Grind


Green Grips Eco-Friendly Cocoa Brown wrapped on bars from Gravel & Grind.


Green Grips Eco-Friendly Natural with Green Grips Wooden Cork Bar Ends on bars from Gravel & Grind.

About Gravel & Grind

Gravel & Grind is a bike shop with an artisan coffee shop located in historic downtown Frederick, MD. Their shop specializes in durable, beautiful bicycles for touring, camping, town riding, commuting, old school mountain biking and whatevering. Their full service shop builds new bikes from scratch, and refurbishes classic steel bikes to make them more usable.

Gravel & Grind carries the full-line of Green Green Eco-Friendly tapes. To learn more visit

Customer Stories: Cloth Tape is Installed

I wrapped my bars with the dark/navy blue thick rolls (Heavyweight Green Grips).

It’s fantastic for my “everyday” around town bike.

the bike:
1987 Francesco Moser World Hour Record Edition.


set up:
Cinelli 1/R 120mm quill stem
Soma Hwy 1 short/shallow 26mm diameter 44cm bars
TRP levers
1991 Dura Ace dual pivot calipers
White Eno 175mm 44t single
9 sp cassette 12-25
dura ace-MA40 wheels
Schwalbe Durano 700-28
Brooks Imperial
Centaur derailleur



Customer Stories: Eco-Friendly & Heavyweight Green Grips – Petal Pink

Hello Derek & Kelley!  Behold the essence of PINK MADNESS!  This is the English Arrow, circa 1980, restored to it’s full & proper glory-due in no small part to your Green Grips Heavyweight handlebar tape in Petal Pink & Natural and your Wooden Cork Bar Plugs! We are looking good!  The Heavyweight tape looks & feels great!  I had forgotten how nice “real” bar tape feels.  The Bar Plugs are that perfect vintage finishing detail.  All is once again right & in balance & as it should be with the world; thanks to you.  It has been a pleasure to get to know you folks in the course of this adventure and to work together with people who share a passion for stylish, and responsible, cycling.

This will be my mount for the Eroica-Paso Robles Gran Fondo on 4-12-15.  The English Arrow monicker derives partly from the native country of frame builder, Colin Laing, who built bikes & had a bike shop in Tucson, Ariz., Laing Cycles, who made this bike & a matching track bike for me in 1980.  These were my first pro-level racing bikes.  Many, many, many miles & memories here, a long & continuing story, of which you & your company are now a part of.  Great to have you along for the ride.  Thanks, again.

 Robin Ablin
 Bakersfield, California

IMG_0920 IMG_0921 IMG_0922 IMG_0923 IMG_0924 IMG_0925 IMG_0926 IMG_0928 IMG_0929

Cyclone Bicycle Supply

We are excited to announce the partnership between Green Grips and Cyclone Bicycle Supply – a distributor of cycling parts and accessories, based in Portland, Oregon. Cyclone Bicycle Supply is a leading and prominent distributor suppling bike shops in all 50 States, Canada and South America.

Utilizing Cyclone’s distribution from the Pacific Northwest and beyond provides an opportunity for Green Grips to further reach customers in the cycling industry.



Green Grips Eco-Friendly Retail Packaging

We continue to get requests for our new retail packaging! Our new Eco-Friendly packaging is a great addition to fill your shelve space at your bike shop. Our local friends at Revolution Cycles in Madison, WI have been our most recent customer. To pick up some tape at their shop, head on over to:

Revolution Cycles, 2330 Atwood Ave, Madison, WI 53704 or visit their website at

Green Grips Eco-Friendly Packaging

Green Grips Shop Online

Green Grips offers a variety of options to customize your ride. We offer cloth tape in Eco-Friendly, Heavyweight and Organic lines. Select from 26 colors to match your bike, and finish them off with some Wooden Cork End Plugs. Click Shop from the top of this page to view our products. For special pricing, contact