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New Earth-Friendly Packaging

Don’t like the bulk containers of Green Grips? Neither did we. That’s why we’re happy to announce the launch of our new earth-friendly packaging, made exclusively for our Eco-Friendly Green Grips.

Our initiative of new product packaging is to be environmentally conscious in all our products, including our packaging. Our new earth-friendly packaging aims at increasing revenue in bike shops, and is available for our Eco-Friendly cloth tape product line. Heavyweight and Organic packaging to be rolled out at a later date.


  • Earth-friendly craft packaging
  • Unique, clean and aesthetic design – made just for your shelf space
  • Includes 2 grips and 2 wooden cork end plugs
  • Domestic and International UPC codes
  • Ships in a custom POS display box with a purchase of 10 boxes
  • Ready to hang in your bike shop!

Want our product to hang on your shelves? E-mail us at to get product pricing.

Green Grips Eco-Friendly Cloth Bar Tape packaging, designed exclusively by Sierra Lauren Korthof.

Green Grips Eco-Friendly Packaging

Bike Punk Distribution in Germany

Bike Punk, based in Berlin, Germany, has signed on to distribute Green Grips in Germany. Bike Punk has made one of the first purchases of our new Eco-Friendly packaging. If you’re a bike shop in Germany, contact Bike Punk to get the new Green Grips packaging on your shelf.

Read more about Bike Punk and their brands at

A little about Bike Punk:

BIKE PUNK is an urban-inspired track bicycle company, founded in 2010 in the city of Berlin, Germany. We are…

… a fixed gear brand. We design and produce a unique selection of quality frames, components and apparel for fixed gear and track riding. Our complete product line is developed and tested by us in Berlin and manufactured by the best craftsmen according to our own and our race team’s high quality standards.

… a distributor. We directly import cycle and cycle accessories brands we love and distribute them to fixed gear dealers that participate in our international dealer network.

SMOG Bicycles

The crew at Green Grips has some exciting news to share. We have partnered with SMOG Bicyclettes Urbaines. They are a new French bicycle manufacturer that is creating some pretty awesome looking bikes. They allow the customer to fully customize their new bike by selecting the colors for the wheels, tires, chain, saddle, grips and sheaths. The neat thing is each SMOG bike will come with Green Grips on the handlebars.

Check them out on their website and Facebook page!



Lexco Open House – Success!

Last night we attended an open house at our Midwestern distributor’s warehouse in Norridge, IL. Lexco Bike distributes to about 350 shops, most of them being in the midwest. They are a great company and it is always fun to attend this show. We gave away a lot of product and received some great feedback. Shop owners seemed to really like our new heavyweight tape. It’s a great feeling to hear that customers love our product.  Below are a few pictures from the evening. Thanks again to Lexco for putting on this great show.

Green Grips Heavyweight Cloth Tape

We officially have a new product on the market, Green Grips Heavyweight Cloth Tape. It is unlike any cloth tape out there. It it 1 1/4″ wide and more bulky than the standard cloth tape. It comes in rolls of 9 ft. and is available in the same colors as our regular tape. It will be a bit more expensive but it’s well worth the extra couple bucks.

You can contact our distributor, Lexco or e-mail us at,, for pricing and more information if you’re interested in stocking your shop with the awesome new product!