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Green Grips Heavyweight Cloth Tape

We officially have a new product on the market, Green Grips Heavyweight Cloth Tape. It is unlike any cloth tape out there. It it 1 1/4″ wide and more bulky than the standard cloth tape. It comes in rolls of 9 ft. and is available in the same colors as our regular tape. It will be a bit more expensive but it’s well worth the extra couple bucks.

You can contact our distributor, Lexco or e-mail us at,, for pricing and more information if you’re interested in stocking your shop with the awesome new product!

Green Grips at INTERBIKE!

Hello all,

We just wanted to provide you with a little information on our next tradeshow event. This Thursday and Friday, Green Grips will be in Las Vegas for INTERBIKE. Interbike is one of the biggest tradeshows in the world, and we have teamed up with Global Cycling Supply to display our products at the event.

This is our biggest opportunity yet! As we won’t be there with our products, we will be there in spirit! Global Cycling Supply is located at Booth 5401 and we will have a small display there the second and final day of the show. We will keep you all updated this weekend on how it goes!


Green Grips, LLC

Lexco Open House

We were exhausted after our open house that we had on Thursday night. As we both work full-time, we were extremely exhausted from our trip down to Norridge, Illinois.

We would like to thank our distributor for inviting us down and letting us display our product line. They were well received and we thought we did a great job! We had a lot of interest from bike shops. The most important thing we did was learn. We networked with some great industry professionals. Also, our new test website is up and running! Our cart is yet to take payments only on test mode, but the template is up for you all to see! Check it out at

That is all for now. Very tired after a long week and a lot of work… and hopefully more work to come int he future.