New Earth-Friendly Packaging

Don’t like the bulk containers of Green Grips? Neither did we. That’s why we’re happy to announce the launch of our new earth-friendly packaging, made exclusively for our Eco-Friendly Green Grips.

Our initiative of new product packaging is to be environmentally conscious in all our products, including our packaging. Our new earth-friendly packaging aims at increasing revenue in bike shops, and is available for our Eco-Friendly cloth tape product line. Heavyweight and Organic packaging to be rolled out at a later date.


  • Earth-friendly craft packaging
  • Unique, clean and aesthetic design – made just for your shelf space
  • Includes 2 grips and 2 wooden cork end plugs
  • Domestic and International UPC codes
  • Ships in a custom POS display box with a purchase of 10 boxes
  • Ready to hang in your bike shop!

Want our product to hang on your shelves? E-mail us at to get product pricing.

Green Grips Eco-Friendly Cloth Bar Tape packaging, designed exclusively by Sierra Lauren Korthof.

Green Grips Eco-Friendly Packaging